How to resell Goodwill items

How I got started


If you have ever been interested in making money from home, I’m sure you have been through numerous blog posts, websites and pins with countless options (I know I sure saw a ton). The real problem however, or at least that I ran into, was finding something that was legitimate, was NOT a phone job, and would be flexible enough that I could take off time when Brayden or I was sick or vacationing. I had just about given up hope when I came across a post about someone buying and reselling clothing items from thrift stores. Immediately the light bulb above my head lit up (not really but just play along) and I knew that I had finally found my golden ticket!

What the heck is reselling??

What exactly is reselling you ask? Well it is quite simple. It means you go to a store, you purchase an item and you sell it at a certain price  in order to gain a profit.

Easy right?        Wrong.

Although some elements of reselling are straightforward and uncomplicated, there are negative aspects that can cause some difficulties. To explain it better I made a quick list of the pros and cons.


  • It is pretty much easy money.
  • You get to shop as a job.. how cool is that?!
  • You can sell straight from you phone..straight from Facebook even.
  • Most of my customers just pick up the items and leave the money.
  • You can make anywhere from $1-$300 and UP each day.
  • You may find yourself having repeat customers or become someone’s personal shopper.


  • Some items you thought were great do not sell (This happened a lot when I first started. It’s a learning process).
  • Some customers want items and yet never show up to purchase them.
  • The sales fluctuate throughout seasons. (Same as regular retail jobs.. it just happens).
  • You may make $0 one day.

Not too many cons though so I think it’s definitely doable for anyone else that has the drive and love for fashion like I do!

What do you look for and where?

Here’s how I normally do my purchasing days.

For the Goodwill stores in Arizona, not sure how it differentiates in other states so make sure to check their website for sales, they have different sales each week. Our Thursdays are dollar tag days, meaning certain color tags are only $1! Literally insane. This is the day I go right at opening and looking through EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF WOMEN’S CLOTHING . It takes hours and lots of patience but I promise you it is so worth it. I’ll start in tank tops in extra small and work up to XXL. Than move to shirts.. than to long sleeves.. then to dresses..etc.

For example I may spend 3-4 hours and pay $50 for bags of clothing,shoes,purses,etc. I would than turn that $50 into $200 in sales and make profits of $150 or more. Wowzzers.

I also make sure that I go to at least 2-3 Goodwill stores in my area because each location has different “Styles” that they typically carry. For Arizona, there is one location that is kinda scary but has TONS of licensed Disney tops (the $20 tanks you can buy at Hot topic) and I may get lucky and get 50% off or only pay $1 for them on Thursday’s sale. Another location that I go to has a bunch of Tillys, Hollister and Aeropostle clothing which usually are in brand spankin’ new condition.

So what do I look for and end up buying?

  1. Clothing with tags still attached (I know I can sell for more than regular used clothing.)
  2. Clothes with brand names. (Michael Kors, Vera Wang, etc).
  3. Clothing that is in style and in season. (You wouldn’t try and sell sweaters when it’s July in Arizona and you wouldn’t sell crop tops in Alaska in the winter).
  4. Clothes that I am asked to look for (if you end up having repeat customers).
  5. Dresses!! When it comes to $1 days at Goodwill, I immediately buy up as many $1 dresses as I can. Why?? Because I sell dresses left and right here.. might be because it’s over 100 degrees during the summer or maybe because they’re so darn cute.( I guess both could be possible too).
  6. Clothing I know for a fact will sell because I have sold out of it before. (For example, anytime I found tanks with elephants on them I would sell them all to the same person or multiple people back to back).

Okay so I know where to buy stuff..where do I sell it now?

It really is a learning process like I said before but man do I LOVE this job. I added a bunch of buy & sell groups on my Facebook account and made sure to read over all of their rules. I personally love my local Swip Swap page because I trust the people that I am selling to and have had zero problems with them leaving me money. If you do not have a Facebook account or are too weary of selling to strangers.. you could always try Ebay, Amazon, or any other selling app. However, I found that Facebook was were I would sell my items quick and effortlessly. Each week I will make a large post about the items I have for sale and as soon as one person starts comment on items they want.. BAM.. 10 other ladies are commenting as well.

Is there anything else that I need to know?

If you are interested but feel intimated or nervous about the whole process.. just try it out. You could always buy something for a dollar or two and try to sell it. You’ll get a feel of the whole process and you can decide if it is something that you feel you could be passionate about or you may hate it from the get go. But again, there is no harm in trying. I started out with little to no money to invest in my little job… and here I am 1 year later with money to save for a house, money to put back into the bank and money for vacations.

Also… like I said above about putting money back into the bank… this is mainly a cash business. Therefore whatever I spent at goodwill for that item.. I will replace it and put it back into the bank. For example… If I buy a top for $1 and sell for $10, I will put the $1 back into my bank account and keep the $9 in a jar of my profits. Easy right?! You will be surprised how quickly your profit jar will add up and you may be able to slip off for a vacation sooner than you know it.

That’s all folks.. it’s not rocket science

After you get the hang of it and drum up some nice profits.. you can start investing in other things like I did. I bought an awesome mannequinn, a large printed background to take professional looking pictures with , a clothing rack (the cheap kind from walmart) and started buying in bulk as well.

You just gotta believe in yourself and try! You never know what could happen.


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I am a SAHM and single mother to my handsome little devil of a son. We live in Phoenix,Arizona and are surrounded by tons of family and friends. I currently am going to school to receive my associates in Administration of Justice studies. In our spare time we love to travel, read books, swim, visit kid friendly places and watch Disney movies.

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