What I pack for a trip to Disneyland for my toddler.


If you know me.. than you know that I typically go to Disneyland once a year. It was super easy before I had my son because I would throw a bunch of Disney related clothing into a suitcase and go without a worry in the world. But now that I have a toddler, I am much more concerned about his comfort and tend to over pack to reduce any anxiety I have about forgetting things. So what exactly do I pack and why?

Here’s the breakdown…

  1.  1 Warm jacket and 1 Zip-up jacket. I usually do this because California can have moody weather. We have gone before when it was supposed to be warm and actually turned out to be cold and rainy. So I always pack 2 jackets because I know I will be good whether it is rainy, overcast, or cold in the morning or evening.
  2.  2-3 outfits per day. Crazy right? Not really. From my experience, my son loves the food that Disneyland has and usually makes a mess all over himself. (Typical toddler). Plus we have been potty training so I don’t want him to have to be stuck in wet clothing in case of any accidents.
  3. 2-3 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of sturdy sandals (and socks of course). If you have ever been to Disneyland, than you know how much you walk.. all day long. Plus for us we are walking back and forth from the hotel to the parks. With that being said.. I personally like to bring multiple shoes in case I am uncomfortable with one or more pairs that I bring. Same goes for my son. I know that his feet can get super sweaty from his shoes so I pack a pair of sandals for the hotter days.
  4. Extra shirts, Extra shorts, Extra pants. This is a given. I am the type of parent who would rather over pack than under pack. I bring 4-5 more of each just in case anything unexpected happens.
  5. Hats..hats..hats. My son takes after me with that fact that we burn just by stepping outside. Being in lines and out in the sun all day makes it much easier for sunburns to occur and dehydration from the sun beating down. So I bring baseball hats and the cute little hats that cover his entire head/ears. I also bring a warm fuzzy hat that can cover his ears for night time when it may get chilly and for the loud fireworks).
  6. PJ’S. Obviously your kid needs something to sleep in so I would assume you are bringing these items already. However, I bring both warm and cold pjs along because some members of my family tend to turn the hotel’s AC down to negative 0 degrees. (Not really… but it still gets cold.) So I bring both just in case my son tells me he is cold at night or too hot.
  7. Sunglasses. I know that it is not an absolute necessity for kids to bring sunglasses because some are under the shade of strollers or for whatever other reasons. But my son legitimately thinks he is the COOLEST kid to walk the earth when he wears his sunglasses. Who am I to deny him that while at Disneyland? haha. seriously though.. I bring him 2 pairs just in case.
  8. Big boy underwear. Of course this only applies to those who are potty trained or going through it but I bring as many clean pairs of underwear that we have. My concern is that he is used to running down the halls at home and going pee immediately, that he may get frustrated while at Disney because we may be in line or he can’t wait any longer. So I bring a ton of underwear and also bring some pull-ups just in case so he doesn’t feel embarrassed or get upset throughout the whole trip.
  9. Normal toiletries. Because I don’t want him to lose his routine from home, we bring everything that we use daily from home.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Shampoo and body shower.
  • Lotion.
  • Potty seat.
  • Hair comb.

Etc… you know the rest.

10.  Anything else that we would need.  

  • Sunscreen.
  • Mini fan + mister
  • Tylenol
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Swim top and trunks (in case we swim at the hotels pool)
  • Toys to play with from home that will entertain him while waiting in long lines. (I have honestly found some of the best stuff at the Dollar store and I don’t have to worry about losing it because it’s cheap.)
  • Glow sticks. My son LOVES to bring glow sticks to Disneyland so he can play with them at night and share with other kids around him.

Pretty simple. Straightforward. I usually make myself a list and cross everything off before we leave just to make sure that I have everything. But one thing we do love about Disney is the fact that if you do forget something.. there’s lots of places to buy it from. One of the hotels that we have stayed at is right next to a 24 hour CVS store, so we can easily pop in and grab whatever we forgot and usually not for a bad price.

So there it is. My little list of what I bring for my toddler to Disneyland.

If you have anything else you would add to the list make sure to comment below and let me know. I’m not perfect so I may have missed a thing..or two. 


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I am a SAHM and single mother to my handsome little devil of a son. We live in Phoenix,Arizona and are surrounded by tons of family and friends. I currently am going to school to receive my associates in Administration of Justice studies. In our spare time we love to travel, read books, swim, visit kid friendly places and watch Disney movies.

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