I know..I know…EVERYONE is talking about these darn pool floats. There are literally so many different styles and kinds of floats that it is hard to keep track! I’m not sure about you.. but for me they bring me back to my childhood when my brother and I would play in the pool for hours on our dolphin and whale pool floats. It reminds me of a more relaxing and carefree summer when all I had to worry about was what kind of chip and dip I wanted or what kind of soda was left.

So here is MY pick on the most excellent pool floats that I have seen out there.

(P.S.-I’m pretty sure that Brayden will be getting one or two of these for his birthday this year because he practically LIVES in the pool.) Plus the prices are really not that bag considering the fact that you could use these for years.

These are all so great. Which would you buy??


Sunnylife Baby Swan Pool Float • Sunnylife • $30

ANKIT HOME Yellow & Green Pineapple Emoji Pool Float • $23.97

Sunnylife Luxe Lobster Float • Sunnylife • $60

ANKIT HOME Brown Pretzel Pool Float • $15.97

Big Mouth Cactus Pool Float • $29.99

Gift Boutique Giant Gumball Machine Pool Float • $33

Urban Outfitters Shell Pool Float • Urban Outfitters • $48

Sunnylife Luxe Toucan Float • Sunnylife • $70

Urban Outfitters Margarita Pool Float • Urban Outfitters • $26


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I am a SAHM and single mother to my handsome little devil of a son. We live in Phoenix,Arizona and are surrounded by tons of family and friends. I currently am going to school to receive my associates in Administration of Justice studies. In our spare time we love to travel, read books, swim, visit kid friendly places and watch Disney movies.

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