DIY- Vacation Fund Box

Woah okay. So for those who are like me and get SUPER motivated about traveling.. this is the perfect DIY for you. Yes you.

I dream of the day when B and I can just travel until our hearts are content. I would adore to visit all the places I have wanted to see instead of just pinning them on my Pinterest boards. (But that will have to do..for now.)

Personally, I get incredibly motivated to save money when I actually have some visible and tangible. Meaning I can see it on a daily basis and can pick it up or feel it in my hands. This gets me excited about my progress and pushes me to save even more money.

That is when I came across a picture that someone had on Pinterest about using a shadow box to store travel money. BINGO! This was perfect for me because I could see it and put the money in daily/weekly/monthly.

So I set out for Jo Ann’s and bought everything I needed!

  •  8 x 8 Shadow box (You can decide what size you want but this fit my space perfectly.)
  •  A print out of the place you want to save up for.
  • A handy person to help you drill the hole in the top of said shadow box. (Unless you’re like super amazing and have those skills and don’t need help).
  • Any embellishments you want to add to your picture of frame (Optional).


Here is how I personally did mine..

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

  1. I printed out my picture of Bora Bora. (If you are related to me you are probably nauseous at the fact that I have mentioned Bora Bora yet again. Hahaha).  I made it bigger using Microsoft Word and than just cut off the extra pieces I didn’t need.FullSizeRender (6)
  2. I took apart the entire shadow box. I asked for help from my lovely brother who has all these intimidating tools and he cut a hole in the top of the shadow box for me.FullSizeRender (7).jpg
  3. I then had him cut a piece out of the inner frame because I made the mistake of putting it all back together (thinking I was done), putting the money in the hole, only to realize that the inner frame was not cut. Duhh.FullSizeRender (8)
  4. After that I decorated my tranquil picture of Bora Bora with some glittery scrap booking stickers we had and wa-lah. Put it all back together and add your money!

The best part is.. drum-roll please…

You can take out the picture (and money obviously) and change it up depending on where you want to go next.

Enjoy and happy vacationing!


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I am a SAHM and single mother to my handsome little devil of a son. We live in Phoenix,Arizona and are surrounded by tons of family and friends. I currently am going to school to receive my associates in Administration of Justice studies. In our spare time we love to travel, read books, swim, visit kid friendly places and watch Disney movies.

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